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Lise Brenner. Based in Brooklyn, NY

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Bringing you 30+ years experience in corporate and non-profit management, Fortune 100, legal, operations, non-profit, arts, medical, development & fundraising.

Hire me! Ghostwriter, meticulous researcher, fanatical fact-checker, sensitive to nuance and cultural context.

Are you: a thought leader, amazing organization, growing business? Need to deliver compelling messaging and accurate facts to your ideal audience?

Too busy to write the case studies, articles, bios and descriptions that attract clients?
Are you “Happy to talk, but… Please don’t make me write!”
Would you love to write but feel blocked or unsure?
Do you have a backlog of content that isn’t quite ready to publish?

Then you need a well-informed, organizationally-savvy ghost writer with decades of professional expertise in getting your information into the hands and heads of the people who need it.