Write For You Copy
Your story – analyzed, synthesized, organized – your way, in your voice


The ultimate question:
Do your communications actually work for you?

In other words, have you:

  • told readers who you are?
  • pinpointed your difference?
  • answered the ‘why this’ for your target audience?
  • used language that really, truly, actually! is actionable?
  • thought about narrative (yes, even a training manual has a narrative)
  • researched statistics and references that deepen, move and activate your narrative?

If you answered NO to any of the above, Contact Me!

I bring the following experience to YOUR table

Management in sectors from Fortune 100 to non-profits arts, medical (orthopedic products) to legal, operations to HR, L&D and organizational change. Academic and education. Professional artist, lived internationally, written and edited everything from press releases to compliance… So if you are…

wanting to create or revamp
web copy, internal communications such as
employee handbook, training, compliance policies…

in need of well-researched
reports or case studies,
RFPs or grant applications…

desiring messaging that is:
Creative, clear and concise
Wildly analytical and obsessively accurate
Appeals to diverse audiences

Benefit from my professional background!
Fortune 100, legal, management, non-profit, arts, medical, international

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